Why iPad is going to be a big success

Lecture of couple of most influential newspapers and other sources, still leaves the an impression of world being divided over iPad’s potential to fill the gap between smartphone and laptop. I’m however absolutely certain that the device is spot on, as well as convinced about it’s comercial viability.

I think most of the observers absolutely miss the point of the device. If you look at history of recent most successful devices, you’d find that the idea of touch driven UI is a very important, yet still somehow underestimated, factor. To be more specific, ability to scroll quickly through lists and pages is exactly what defines a big chunk of productivity of today’s information worker.

Imagine world with computer mouses without wheels and think about what adding a wheel has brought to the usefulness of the device. Look at what had set Blackberries apart from their DPad competitors of Nokia and alike, then look at how people navigate using touchscreens on iPhones, quickly scrolling through e-mail lists, RSS listing and web pages and you’d soon realise how much of our work is just browsing and how much of our life is organised in one or another type of simple lists. Should that hold, iPad’s is among other things, just a very good browsing tool that might prove to be just perfect to navigate and organise lists boosting daily productivity.

Customer’s might not be able to instantly quantify amount of extra productivity to be had, but as soon as an average user realises that iPad not only doesn’t require booting, therefore providing access to content much faster than booting their PC/laptop/netbook, plus it helps them sort out odd e-mail or two much quicker and more casually than they would otherwise do using heavier, mouse/touchpad equipped kits, then this device is going to be flying off the shelves in millions. Instant access to full spectrum of content plus ultra fast navigating on pages and lists what defines a device an average user is looking for when not sitting in front of their PC.

I’m rushing to get mine as soon as it arrives in the UK.