4 sins of publishing this book

A friend on mine published a book. There’s more information and precise instructions on the site about how to hate the book (and the author) rather than information about the book itself, which is… crazy…. Okay, the book is in Polish but there are more universal reasons on why this is going to be hated than the culture: publishing a book means: 1. it out does others. Lots of us wanted to be an author published by a major house, but most of us are not. 2. it implies you know more than others. Reading something you know in a book written by someone else implies he tells you something you knew well in the first place 3. it corrects and instructs people. The book is plain instruction that corrects mindsets of most of our views. 4. It might mean someone needs appreciation… People don’t like any of it, least of all to be paying for what they don’t like to be told or to read about it…. Tough. Even tougher, because I’m guilty of all 4s daily and still can’t figure out how to avoid making those mistakes entirely, apart of not taking full responsibility for your work and the work?