Anti-terror legislation in Poland

Two days ago new anti-terror legislation has been approved by the upper house of Polish parliament and the president. Based on the new laws are foreigners entering Polish soil are automatically being treated as suspects.

Intelligence agencies are automatically provided with the right to wire-tap phones, collect fingertips, photographs and even deport any foreign EU or other nationals from the country, without having to present evidence of what they’re suspected of, and without the need seek permission of the court for invigilation or even detention.

On top of new regulations, the governing party received the right to block any polish internet content or internet website without seeking court permission first. Also, all pre-paid mobile phones used by polish nationals need to be registered by proving identity of the owner in order to record location, collect meta-data and record conversations of any mobile phones used on the territory of Poland.

Remember, once we’ve implemented mechanism for censoring Polish internet, even if they’re introduced in a good faith, today they might be used for good reasons but tomorrow someoneone else might use them for their own political agenda.