Arrogance is not something about insecure people. Arrogance is more than that: it is something about insecure people overcoming their own insecurities and going for something when it felt foolish even to themselves, even if chances for a success were bleak. Sometimes arrogance is just a byproduct of very humble and very careful people who happened to participate in a number of impossible situations. It is about coming out of impossible situation with a success when own estimate was suggesting failure. Sometimes impossible situations are the battles with your internal limitations. Most often arrogant people just been in a situation in which they faced lack of support, others giving up or being unhelpful. Sometimes they might not have had even their own support in what they were doing but had to do it anyway.

What if arrogance was more than just convincing yourself and others that you can by using scientific examples, hard data and careful elaboration? What if the situations weren’t just you and some other people not being able to explain one way or another but actual fights with one’s enemies who have been putting a lot of energy into stopping you and failing to actually do that? Fights on a moral, business or even personal stance. How many times do you have to win the help, support of others, obliterating one’s enemies before actually starting to KNOW that one is destined to be winning all the battles along the way? There’s a number at which one starts to be entering those fights with such a high confidence that it would look like actual arrogance.

How many times does one have to overcome own insecurities, prove one is right to non-believers and crush all the enemies to see their friends come back, others to change their mind as a result of being RIGHT where others were wrong all they way? How many times one has to fail to explain that before actually starting KNOWING that all the battles had been won even before they began in the first place? How many times does one have to know that the reason they’re winning is because they have no other option but to win, and not because the right argument was on their side? What if one was put to a test, had thought it through, but still had to believe in oneself, take a chance and win time after time? Would one check if he or she is right or wrong the next time a testing situation occurs?

One won’t. It would be foolish to assume that this time it would be different, even though it wasn’t the last couple of hundreds of time. It is much wiser to assume one will win one more time if one knows already this one thing only: that they have to succeed this time again. Of course assumptions based on statistics are just assumptions. One day one will be wrong every now again but busy people see it statistically. You can’t be in all battles at the same time, let alone check the arguments of both sides and weigh your chances carefully every time. One just automatically sides with their own line of thinking without due explanation. Its quicker, easier and over time statistically more reliable that way, as compared to weighting pros and cons every single time. After hundreds of times being the only one right in a group of many others being wrong one just has to assume that when it feels the right is right, it is right and there’s no room left for a discussion… and that’s arrogance.