Apple iPad dock

With the keyboard attached it’s a bit pointless, I know, but with Currys sale on Stansted Airport, virtually the same price as any other Belkin dock. Surprisingly the original Apple stuff makes quite a keyboard in terms of build quality. At least I don’t feel short changed on this one.

Sony Vaio-P Series

Sony Vaio-P Series. One of the best notebooks there is, but keep watch on these display sizes. I gave away four of HP6715 recently, but having a netbook and iPad fits well the pattern of work I’m doing.

HTC Desire

It’s a “I want it all” phone, surpassing iPhone with each feature and being notoriously caught short on battery lifespan. Engineering by example, living proof of “can’t have it all”, but otherwise bearable phone. If charging your battery every 4 hours isn’t an issue, please try if you can bear its keyboard next.