Change in sign-up process

There’s a quite a discussion now happening following the change in sign-up process that we have now implemented on both TaskBeat and SpendingTracker.

There’s a reasoning behind those changes. For starters we have now exceeded 10K of registered users. There might be even 11K already, I didn’t even check this month.

Now our platform technically scales up to 10x current load with no changes, we’ve checked. Then we have to upgrade but still there’s plenty of headroom.

Having said that we definitely need to improve quality of sign ups, meaning number of people who consciously create meaningful accounts. After all we’re not in newsletter business but we really want conversions.

For that reason we need more dialogue. We need to verify user accounts or company details. We need people to be able not only to tell us what they’re after. We also want to communicate how tos and updates back.

Whether it’s via e-mail or a phone, it’s a seconday issue but we really need to give a dialogue a chance.