EU electronic enforcement

Far too many people seem to be blaming EU for its involvement in innovations of Polish economy but the positive effects are often overlooked. Just a quick glance on the major achievements on the field of Polish e-commerce which were imposed by the European Union:

1. Terms and conditions are now enforced on any user by implementation of the electronic services act, being the prerequisite for Poland to join the EU in the first place (law adjustments to EU requirements), subsequently reinforced by the cookie use policies imposed on all Polish websites.
2. Electronic invoices act (again, act predating Poland joining EU, harmonising Polish legislation with the EU) and electronic courts (before unthinkable institution in Polish law, now a project almost entirely funded by the EU).
3. Millions of EU grants invested in Polish economy, mostly projects promoting electronic delivery of services, amongst them mostly services delivered entirely in electronic form, before unthinkable for many e-commerce businesses entirely relying on human interaction, printed paper forms and signed agreements.

Interestingly enough, many EU opposers seem to take all or many of above points as an argument against effectiveness of EU backed adjustments in both Polish law and offering on Polish e-commerce market.