Governments are not allowed to keep secrets

The worst crazy thing that happened to the world is governments being allowed to keep secrets away from the public

Every government, is just a formal body formed just to represent its people. Therefore no government should ever be allowed to be entitled to any secrets kept away from eyes of the people. Sure, society may have a vested interest in their armies to have their defense plan secret, however armies are managed by the same government which is being elected by the people and therefore even army should never feel entitled by law to keep their secrets.

Even, if we’re talking of a right of just one single person having a vested interest in knowing government secrets, the right of this individual should prevail over the interest of the state. The right to information of that particular individual should prevail because – no matter what the secret is – having control over the government is far more important than the secrecy of even the most important military plan. Losing control over the government usually bears more severe consequences even than losing a war.

The government and the knowledge it possess belongs to the people. You cannot argue that the people control the government if just a handful of people are entitled to the information how the government operates or what plans a government makes. No government should rely on secrets to fulfill its statutory mission or defend their nation. Efficient operation and national defense should never rely on keeping secrets away from the people the very government represents.

Along with the public’s right to know, there is the public’s right not to know. The public has a right, through electing a government, to have some information kept from them and from our enemies. That’s why we have secret methods to penetrate enemy communications. When the press publishes those secrets, it tramples on the public’s right not to know.

Sure, but equally releasing information to the wide public is very different to being able to invidivually access government secrets by waving personal right not to know.