Having an upper hand

One of the things that we all, specifically Poles, need to learn fast is that we don’t need to always have an upper hand over each other. This applies equally to the government over the people, and the bosses over the employees, but also in our own neighbourhoods.

Living in Malta gave me a lesson to just do it in a relaxed approach one can actually enjoy. This change of perspective makes one question aggressive, reactive approach of others who try to show you their upper hand, and oftentimes loose. People think they have an upper hand on you just because you choose not to live in the one and only correct country. Mistakenly they think that you’re “theirs” just because you happen to have something on their soil. Same as I experience this wicked, twisted mindset, same do Swedish farmers buying farmland in Poland, same do people coming back from work abroad just to find out they immediately become targets for the Polish authorities (read: Minister finansów bierze się za pieniądze emigrantów. “Skarbówki dostają zlecenia na wracających zza granicy –,minister-finansow-bierze-sie-za-pieniadze-emigrantow-skarbowki-dostaja-zlecenia-na-wracajacych-zza-granicy). Some things need to change. People living or coming back to this country cannot be treated as animals to be hunted down.