Acronis True Image 2010

Acronis True Image, now I’ve upgraded to the latest version (2010) due to essential upgrade to SATA drivers on of my laptop computers. The most practical backup/restore software I’ve ever purchased. This package has saved me at least tens of hours of restoring data and has never let me down since I’ve started using it, beginning with version 6 (2001). Thanks to Acronis not only my computer, but all my computers run their configuration since 1999, with Outlook, Delphi and Visual Studio going well beyond 13 years of consistent service. Other products from the range cover Acronis Disk utility, which is just a direct access editor for drive contents and the most intuitive partition manager I got on with.

The new version comes with more options and feature. There are more process priority, scheduling, security level and resource management settings. One new notable feature is so-called Online backup, at a price of about 50 quid a year for something like 50GB online space. I cannot confirm usability of any such solution as I cannot imagine myself shifting gigabytes of data across Internet. One more thing to respect this product for is backwards compatibility. I’ve been upgrading and mixing versions of this product with versions going back at least 5 years and I’ve never had any problems with managing old archives with new versions or managing backups made with newer version using previous version of software.