Job market

People in Poland don’t trust the free market to the point that people with genuine job ads spend long months before filling in the position. Many friends ask me the same question: why does nobody answer job ads anymore? Well, not anymore, they just never have.

This lack of trust has roots in not believing in the free market, and a strong belief that a job, even abroad, needs to be “recommended”, that is someone telling you where to go, what to say and what job are you going to be doing. Many recent opinion polls seem to be supporting the claim.

I had a long conversation about this with a recruitment specialist here in Germany this week and the scale of this odd behavior is just staggering. Even though it has a perfect explanation, companies with genuine adverts, and most often better than market salaries, on offer, are suffering.

People, young people in specific, don’t believe in such thing as a market, not to mention job market,