Just say hi to all b*s mouths

Say one thing you’d never do is work in technology X, or for company Y, or work in country Z. B*s. The story, of many friends tells a story, you will.

Two years ago I’d say the world would end if s*sielski sends his believers to work for the i/ai, which he always had hated to the bones, and very often made jokes about. This has actually happened with a goodbye post s*ielski made while leaving p/hh: essentially advising all p/hh believers to apply for a job at the much hated i/ai. I don’t know if that s*ielski’s punishment, or desperation, but quite a stement for sure. The world has collapsed, but not ended.

Both s*sielski, p*odolak have left p/hh since then as the team simply was broken for some time. As I knew the p/hh is over the moment I’ve left, therefore I had to update my condition for “the end of the world” scenario to: if s*sielski starts working using microsoft products, and p*odolak works for a german company in germany – this would be the end of the world, as we know it. These are exactly two of the scenarios they both would say are impossible to happen for them as one has always been very religious, and the other is well known xenophobic…

I remember speaking with s*ielski and p*odolak about two exact impossible scenarios we’ve laughed about many times. For me imagining how it would be to see one of them working for the much hated microsoft camp, and the other working for a german camp, would be exactly as for me to take a selfie completely naked and drunk dancing… Impossible you say? They say “never say never”, so as a matter of fact they both are now doing the very unimaginable thing they said would never happen to them, respectively :-)

Now I’m only waiting for s*sielski and p*odolak to meet again, in germany, coding using latest visual studio and both working for i/ai, talking to each other in German. Never say never? :-) … Just please say “hi” to all the b*s* of the world you happen to come across during your lifetime.