Looking vulnerable

It has to be noted that I cannot believe some people try to extend their power over others. Is it the fact that appearing vulnerable makes people act like monkeys?

It happened to me that I was looking for a flat in a foreign country mid of a busy season. I was offered to do it after hours or else I would be given a place to stay at someone’s home ;-) Very mercifuly however obviously I’m not a desperate homeless who would live just anywhere just because there is no other option. In fact I’m neither desperate, nor vulnerable to ask for a place to stay in a first place. If anything, I’m looking for a comfortable place that I could call a home, even for now.

Failing deadline I would obviously rather just spend the money I need for agency’s fees on a nice flight back home and keep on looking from my comfy sofa. Therefore I’d rather move out completely back to my comfortable house in order to smoke cigars in my swimming pool, not live with strangers because of their mercy. I’d rather choose myself where and how to live, not just take mercy to live in unknown conditions, with no luxuries I like, and no privacy, which I respect so much.

I’d rather be asked if I’m in a such a desperate position to warrant this act of mercy, not assuming that I am, specifically that I am not.