Moving back to Poland

So it has happened. We’re moving back to Poland. As I have already explained at work, it has been a long struggle to handle both my daily job and the business ran overseas. We already have three employees back on site in Szczecin Poland, but we’re struggling to make adequate progress with the project which has been running for a number of months already.

As the decision to move back goes against our initial plans, we have both decided to hand off our resignations at the same time and start packing right away. In fact, it feels a little bit regretful, as we’re leaving fantastic neighbors, colleagues at work, and London, which we have just got used to. We’re moving practically to a foreign (home) country to be running a project which essentially we’ve already paying someone else to be be running for us.

As it turns out, neither we could handle doing two jobs every day, nor our employees are capable of doing their job, as the local market is drained of skilled workers, which in large amounts have moved to the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, it turns out easier to manage the project locally and subcontractors remotely, than managing the project remotely and our subcontractors locally.