Mozilla is more than just a browser vendor

Mozilla seems to be the people organisation, fighting for human rights, privacy protection against the ever hungry governments with the opposite agendas. 1.7 milion members create quite a movement. This movement is growing, and so is our capacity to win. Just take a look at what we did together on the advocacy front in 2015:

– We stood up to giant cable companies, and in February we won real protections for net neutrality in the United States. Those companies spent huge sums lobbying Congress to try to limit what we can create, build and do online. In the end, the Federal Communications Commissioners could not ignore 3.7 million public comments in favor of net neutrality — a record-breaking outcry.
– We won a major victory for privacy. The USA FREEDOM Act was signed into law in June. It marked important forward progress to restore trust online, and put a stake in the ground for more needed reforms to come — not just in the U.S., but around the world.
– We launched Mozilla’s first international campaign in Germany. In October, we asked our German-speaking community to help fight a German data retention law that put users at risk.