Mysterious body leasing

Mysterious body leasing is not a prostitution. It’s a meaningful term, and indeed it’s even present in the German Wikipedia :-) … True story bro. Although it’s highly, highly unfashionable you can still find companies, specifically in Szczecin, still (to thid date!) using this term. Mind you, it became very pase in 2004.

… Why the hell it is not pase in Szczecin today? Money. There has always been money in leasing bodies. Studying 9 out 10 companies based in the hometown, all of them are making money from buying developers on the cheap and passing them along with a profit. How so? Take a look at the biggest guys in the industry: T/eto, B/stream, etc. The list of small fish seems endless so I’ll save myself trouble.

To be fair there are still exceptions but don’t be deceived by the likes of IA/ or similar, in fact maybe only today making money on par with SaaS. In fact most of the success comes from the days where the the only profit source came from a torrent of customisations, packed tight as “one app” but in fact the whole company was relying on providing the same webdesign services as every other S/elay in the town, just bundled. Bundled in much more organised way, and indeed sold with much, much more success ;-) Still, the principle holds.

So how does it work? The general rule of thumb has not changed since 1999r (that’s only how far my memory goes). The recipe for bodyleasing is still the same traditional flavour: You buy a bunch of students, or take them off the university shelfes, buy a bottle of whisky and drink with as many people around as you can. Then sell the pack of goofies for a price that covers the expense of travel and the very bottle of whisky you drank. If you make more than a pack of crisps, there’s your profit! Some identify that strategy with sucess. Again, compare it to the next failed S/elay and it is a success story, indeed.

… by the way S/elay and many more copycats are still bodyleasing. Just that they got smarter and they now lease their friends bodies instead. What would be the term if you “body lease” your collegues? For now I don’t know. I’ll keep on watching Wikipedia though. Maybe someone smarter… Hey, there’s term for that already. It’s pimping :-) And yes I know, this creates jobs, and yes I know we’ve all tried. I’m just so unfomfortable with this still. I can’t do it. There’s always been something a bit more romantic to doing IT than training a bunch of code monkeys for one bannana more than I need and two bannanas less than you’d pay otherwise.