Nationalistic Poland

Polish movement of a “good change” brings a change in what we see being sold in post office branches, street side kiosks, and even high-end boutiques. We now have a truly large selection of biographies of Mr Kaczyński and Mr Duda almost on every street corner shop, which is normal as every nation gets interested in their governors and presidents. What is new is the sheer amount of “patriotic” and “national” newspapers, magazines, bulletins, etc., and more to it: a true interest in them. At the same time the “good change” brings more interesting change to Polish landscape.

Some people get surprised that this specific type of propaganda reaches national, as well as private companies. This is no surprise as new nationalistic government doesn’t function in its own vacuum. In fact it only responded to a pre-existing need of a new nationalistic, sovereign, demonstrative Poland which gets more interest in their government, history, waving Polish flags on every occasion.

There’s nothing wrong in buying patriotic books about Mr Kaczyński, driving with Polish flags waving from car’s side. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in taking care and interest in your own country. It does still funny that this looks more like a new fashion among young and under-privileged youth. It gets scary when politicians claim that either you support the country, or their vision of the country, or you’re labelled as a traitor (shocking).

There’s something optimistic about the change, as the fact that so many people truly trust the concept of “good change”. People truly believe that programmes like a minimum hourly wage, family benefits and social housing bring a change not only to perception of their dignity, but also bring a real change in people’s lives and optimism going forward. Never before we had arguments to contradict pessimists moaning about low wages, low support of Polish families and industries. The new government brought back the hope and trust, even if the change is insignificant in nominal terms.

In those terms the new social reality opens new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen alike. With great social programmes in place, we might be just in the right moment to deny malcontents right to protest. With great social programmes enterpreneurs can deny arguments against economy of low wages, middle income entrapment and other limiting factors. We all have gained from the change, even if not directly, we’ve all gained an argument against malcontents that low wages, middle income, no support are no longer an excuse for lack of action.