Not to be an ass

I’m literally begging people not to make me an ass but I cannot understand how a reputable data centre could loose one of our machines. That despite all the effort made, the personal meetings, the understanding face expressions, the calm voice and all the time I spent on listening endless explanations… Eventually they’ve offered us one year free of charge service of hosting a replacement machine instead of 3-5 years free of charge I was politely asking for… I was trying to dodge the argument of their hosting agreement not specifying the upper limit of a compensation for their faults, or the potential damage in their reputation, as we are users of quite a few data centres around… All I was asking politely is 3-5 years free service and didn’t even mentioned alternatives… There’s a limit of polite approach I can offer.

How could they expose themselves to a potentially costly and embarassing lawsuit is totally beyond me. The fault on the data centre is beyond dispute, no one tries to blame the wrong side. Yet I wanted to hold my horses this time round and I said this time I won’t be an ass to bombard with claims upfront. Still worth noting, the lowest compensation we could possibly go for – claiming lost engineering time and the documents since the last offsite backup alone – is circa 250K. The total loss of their income however, in case they would kindly agree to provide 3 years of free service I wanted, is mere 20K. How could a business development manager justify putting the reputation of the whole company, and a substantial compensation, to save 10% of the total amount at stake? Calculus failing or what is it?

How can ordinary politeness and a goodwill be replaced by eagerness for a total destruction? Is the only way to make a point to respect each other is by making it forcibly in this country?