Not to spoil the walk

Maslov was right. I think about it if there were different stages in life that let you fullfill your expectations at different levels: food and shelter being followed by a decent job. Later in life you aspire to more aesthetically pleasing: a nice car and a nice home for your beautiful wife and kids. And it doesn’t even stop there… The problem is when the bar has been set really high really early. I think Jobs felt like expectations were really high ahead of him, so becoming who he was appeared relatively easy. In such case you take some preliminary stages of your own success for granted and all the sudden the path leading to it is no longer that fun, if not even rendering the end game not worth it all. Having fun all the way long must have been the hard part then. If that was the case in anyone’s life to follow those expectations and achieve many levels very quickly, it is the first reason and probably the most important one to stay foolish and stay hungry.