One can tell a real friend

One can tell a real friend …on holidays… It’s not who you’re with though, instead: who is left on the watch your back, back there. Once you’re set to go there’s a dozen things to happen. Only few years ago people were breaking their iPhones against the table, screaming and even tearing their clothes apart. I could look further, but one of the most frequently criticised policy is the 40d holiday policy, we’ve got implemented for years (waiting for other to follow).

Even if you finally get onto your well deserved (and announced) holiday, I’ve seen guys DDOSing my servers, blocking access to my accounts, even calling police on my holiday plans. Yes, you’ve heard that right: “hello, I’m here to report he’s going on holiday. Are you going out there to arrest him”? It’s a bitter appreciation of my work, I guess, but hardly one to be envy about ;-)

After all you leave your house under neighbours’ supervision for a reason, right? Follow this rule and make sure your workplace is left in good hands as well.