OneDrive will cost you dearly

If you can run, please run now. The Office OneDrive’s sync by file functionality imposes risk on losing every single document OneDrive chooses to sync whenever it pleases. Yes, it means conflicting files, which OneDrive typically calls “stuck”. Those “stuck” files are essentially lost files, along with the lost data and the lost business.

I know quite a few Microsoft’s products, some of which are very broken. Yet, nothing delivered such a false promise as OneDrive does, essentially automating file uploads to a remote server for you. A guarantee it never had. Annoyingly Microsoft seems to be aware of the problem marking those “stuck” files with a red icon.

Even more frustratingly, the context options for those “stuck” files seem to make yet another false promise with a command suspiciously named “open in Word to resolve conflicts”. Yes, it does absolutely nothing, apart from just displaying a Word message that the business is lost because the data is gone due to the file being “stuck”…

Just avoid whenever you can, or migrate to any document streaming solution as soon as you can.