Our brains seem to be wired so that we find our own faults in others’ actions

Our brains seem to be wired so that we find our own faults in others’ actions. Haven’t found any science on it but it’s evident to me


Possibly the best example would be a thief grabbing someone’s purse and shouting in the crowd: “stop the thief” pointing at someone vaguely. We all know how many politicians point out faults of others and seem to do exactly the same when they reach the front benches. It’s easy with public figures to catch but daily life brings more examples, even if they’re more subtle, less apparent, less public. People who think that they don’t use their time most effectively would call others lazy, the ineffective ones would call others for action, someone who doesn’t feel confident with cooking would find faults in food served in restaurants. People who would care very much about equality would discriminate others. Many are very judgmental and their judgment is tightly coupled with their own actions, something they know personally and often very deeply. The list goes on and it’s all funny sometimes. If you know someone well enough, it becomes apparent, but it’s not a feature of double faced people, it’s what we all do. Or perhaps we find others getting away with the unthinkable and we try to mimic them when we feel like it? Is it how our brains are wired up?