People with big egos

I had the pleasure to work with people of big egos. Not talking the Steve Jobs format but close. Such people are everywhere, every city and every town. I know how it is to work with dozens of people like that and every time it is the same story. People who appear super confident, super competent and for that reason are scrutinised more than anyone else, super hated for every miss on their way. There is nothing wrong. This is the price for high standards. But there is more.

Believe me, having to work with so many big format egos I’ve learned one thing. Most of them are super successful and super effective in one or more dimensions they care about… People with big egos almost always have a reason for their pride and for that reason they are always, always being questioned. The fact is that despite all the odds, all the hatred and all the doubt (to say the least) the matter of fact is that their success is unquestionable.

Sure there will be many to call them “lucky”, “posers” or similar. Saying “yes, but…” is the universal way of dealing with inconvinient truth and having to deal with someone made of the same carbon but carrying an outcome so much different than “normals” ever could surely is inconvinient enough…

One way or another, mediocre people, or even just normals will always attribute success of the successful to anything but them being extraordinarly talented or otherwise special in a very, very good way. Also haters will always be less than, always behind. Not because of their hate but becase they simply don’t have what it takes to join the exclusive club of successful egocentric bastards :-)

Jealosy. Us, normals will never be who we think we should be instead… In place those with big families, large houses, grand visions and intergalactic ambitions… and so often huge pride and big egos. Never were. Never will be. Ego is a short word and equally a very exclusive club for a narrow group of people.