Simplistic world of software

If world was simplistic it would be clearly divided into closed source and open source. The closed source naturally would favour big bucks for software companies and the open source would naturally favour big bucks for software developers. Mind you, both getting their job done – either out of the box or out of their sweat in this case.

… Which is basically what I’ve been repeating for many years. Either you spend big on software frameworks or you spend big on developer’s wages. People instinctively sense that, even if they don’t realise, and make their choices. The business knows no better, or cares for that reason as there’s no net difference either way in the short term. In the technical folks obviously have their vested interests, so there’s obviously a lot of discussion :-)

… If that sounds dangerous (as it really is), the biggest promotors of open source, in this town for example: are paid heavy bags of cash for imposing software patents on the open source world, which should make you realise there’s going to be no war between open and closed source fans anytime soon. If anything were ever to be decided, the Linux crowd would have to eat their MacBooks first.