They deserve better

Sometimes I feel like the moment I leave a project alone something bad happens to it but failing basic features 6 weeks in a row is over the top. With others now failing basic features: unusable, wrong or just not completing (at all) I should have feel bloody satisfaction but instead I’m actually a bit sorry, because one way or another it’s a wasted effort. Sure it will all end up well, eventually but you can’t just ignore such a spectacular fail of a product that has been actually out there for so long already.

I wish there was a way to offer a helping hand with things obviously going really, really wrong without offending anyone or just appearing cocky. I think however that there isn’t, specifically that I know it’s not the skills are to blame but lack of quality management. I can’t be in all places and even though this affects minority of projects, still there are too many of them to help them all. I can focus only on those at hand. I should probably feel right now that a failing project looks bad from perspective of my own CV, even if I left it in a good shape but that’s not the point.

The matter of fact is all the past projects I’ve left served actual customers. I blogged about this in a context of start-up mentality. Customers deserve better.