Top predictions for 2013

2012 in some ways was the most successful year in my recent history, also because the same year some of the less successful areas have turned around big time. We have launched PHH v1, TaskBeat v1, last but not least I’ve became father (closing the house, tree, son) loop.

Only in 2013 this will be clear enough as there’s no wrangling, just steady and quiet progress from my side. It would also be the year of harvesting the fruits of the hard work (end of 2011, most of 2012) – clearly happy days at both: personal and professional level.

This will also be the reason of a relative collapse next year. It’s not that the odds will catch up, but people will, or more precisely: people’s anxiety and envy (and since many people who have left the country have also admitted that as their top reason, I’m not afraid to speak openly).

This will lead to some of a backlash in 2013 and as I already mentioned above: I won’t be spending too much time working out other people’s problems so they will eventually prevail and I’d need to step aside (be ousted maybe).

Put simply, there will be big changes, so in other words – next year will be like the every year.