Two improvements in Windows

There are two features I’d like improved in the next version of Windows.

One, boot up time. We’ve gone down from minutes to just seconds. Therefore I cannot understand why it takes us back to minutes just to log me in just because “your computer seems offline”. I want my computer to be Personal Computer (PC) again. After all, the one feature I liked is the fact I don’t need to log in by default to a computer that was meant to be my personal one after all. I want Windows that by default just boots up in seconds, logs me in automatically and goes straight to the desktop, as it used to be.

Secondly, shut down. Mind you, no application needs to ask “do you want to save” and definitely this question shouldn’t stop the computer from turning off. In fact these days I need to take the battery out and just pulling the plug seems the quickest way to turn it off every time I need to rush somewhere else (which is always). I want all applications to save the work aside and to load up with the unsaved drafts next time my PC boots up, save the changes to the file system only when I press save. And yes, I want my PC to shut down immediately within one second when I tell it to.

Mind you: I wrote my own shutdown applets talking to WIN32 API, I know about hibernation support and account control systems. I just want it all to be just as described above without me having to tinker with any settings or override default system commands. I’m a lazy and impatient user these days and I’m not willing to change.