Upside down

The world seems upside down as back in 90s we wanted everyone to be online, sharing and consuming the content locked in libraries and archives. We were the nerds, the rebels at a fore front of a revolution no-one really supported, nor understood more often than did.

These days our revolution is complete but we turn our backs on it. Nerds are sailing offline and noobs are spending all their time online, surfing the Internet and swallowing everything published online like some young pelicans ;-) You cannot almost find a public office, a single government employee who wouldn’t spend at least 80% of their time looking for a legal explanation on Facebook, trying to research someone’s private life on Twitter, or chasing a swindle on a discussion forum. Nerds wouldn’t even take anything half as seriously as a second class lawyer in a sub-department of a non-important government agency who has done nothing else this year except of solving legal cases via Twitter. Nerds of 90s now got children and lots of sand in their hair. Noobs of 90s these days are getting spotty sitting in front of a glaring screens. Funny how time turns things upside down.