Why am I impatient these days

More and more I need to get things done fast. Really fast, and faster. There are more and more of anything, and everything gets more complex.

I need to post a blog. I need to log in to the admin panel to write a post. I need a thumb drive to get the password and the username and the address of the correct admin panel. I need to find the thumb drive. Okay, I’ve found the thumb drive, I’ve found the password application and I have found the password within the database. I found it and the password doesn’t work. I need to re-set my password. Okay, I enter the e-mail address and the password doesn’t come back as the correct e-mail domain is not linked to the correct e-mail account. Okay, I need to log in to the domain management admin panel to log in and change the mailbox to point to my e-mail address. Okay, the password to the domain admin panel doesn’t work. I need to re-set my domain password. To re-set the password I need to receive text code via SMS. Okay I need to find my phone. When I find my phone, I need to charge it up to receive the password. Okay, after short charge, I received text code to reset the password and I can now set up new password to my domain. Now, after some setup I’m ready to reset the password to my e-mail address, create new password, store it in the database and write this blog post about… why am I impatient these days.