You connect the dots

My second most favourite saying is that road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Indeed fools like all of us tend to flap hands and move their tongues like crazy but when all effects come back at us just we stop and stare, do and we say nothing… hoping to turn eyes away or just forget. Most of us do that.

We tend to shut down and divert responsibility to others, even if the butterfly effect should indicate that the real reasons behind some of the harm and waste lie in people’s lack of ability to take into account the true sum of reaction that comes with every our action.

Rules and norms help fools to avoid most of the mistakes, and what fools us are the exceptions which build up: anger conflicts, poverty and sometimes even cause disasters. Most of us live without realising that we indirectly are responsible for many wars, even if our intention was peace.

Therefore the main issue we’re facing now is that the future is all about many more people being exceptional in many more specialised fields of activity.

You connect the dots.