Z Ltd is changing on 1st July

During the last few weeks I’ve been working on hundreds of documents related to the five year period since the Z Ltd has been started. This period has ended exactly in July this year and we’ve been looking forward to this time for quite few months now. Reaching this deadline also means that the company can now actively search new investors ending the previous investment period that bound the company to the previous round of the EU investments.

This also means that the company ends its legal form, its name and even its residence – all at the same time. Most importantly the change frees up the rights to the project being the product of the last period. The product can now be opened as open source and even offered in a free plan too – something many of our users have been looking forward for even many years now.

This has been a very busy time for me and few of us still involved in the company, with few sleepless nights, making us feel somewhat exactly as of when the company has been formed the first time.