I’m a software architect, specialising as a cloud architect, occasionally also working as a solutions architect. I help companies with designing new digital products, delivery roadmaps and technical blueprints. I’ve got vast experience in performing digital transformations and introducing new products on the market or moving existing systems to the cloud.

I’m a delivery person who thrives on quick turnaround of greenfield projects as well as rescuing troubled development. I’ve got the skill, experience and education in leading and accelerating the pace of technical teams using rapid application development methodologies whilst handling multiple priorities at the same time.

• Ability to learn new business concepts quickly and thoroughly.
• Strong experience in start-ups, entrepreneurial, growing firms.
• Ability to structure and introduce new digital products using incremental and agile methodologies.
• Ability to closely manage the entire software development lifecycle, ensuring the client’s business and timing requirements are met.
• Strong communications & leadership skills including a track record of responsibility for managing projects and client relationships, leading design sessions, and conducting status meetings.
• Experience managing multiple projects requiring planning, status reports and post-mortem evaluation.
• Strong knowledge of financial industry business practices and recent work on application development for financial industry firms.
• Knowledge/experience in interface design, web application architecture and database design.
• Able to work independently and take ownership of work.
• Strong and recent experience with microservices, cloud architecture, scalable architecture, event-driven architecture with Microsoft Azure, App Service, Service Fabric.
• Strong historical experience with Borland Developer Studio (Delphi), Microsoft Visual Studio (C#), Windows NT/2K/XP (Win32), Microsoft .NET, including Windows Forms, Web Forms (C# ASP.NET, Delphi ASP.NET), Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
• Strong knowledge and recent development experience with relational database systems: Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Advantage SQL, MySQL
• Strong knowledge and recent development experience with NoSQL database systems: MongoDB, CosmosDb, Lucene