98 percent done

Sometimes you outsource a task, because only have one hour and it takes one hundred to complete it. My dilemma is that all of the tasks are long and even if well done, they’re 95-99% complete on time.

What happens then is that you can drag the contractor forever to get the remaining few percent done or you’ve got task to complete yourself.

You only have 3 hrs to bring it from 97% to 100% done but you still got only the 1 hour you had initially, so in a way you’re toasted: work not done and money spent.

No one can complete the last three per cent because lack of competencies and you’re toasted because neither can you because you lack the time.

But then it goes back to the contract because you can’t revert the time but you can recoup the contract. Therefore it is up to you to spend less on the project, or even charge back for the implications of the time override.