Behind the type I am

Time and again I get confused of what type of a mind I am. First of all I realise that the skills needed to produce a valid answer are exactly the same skills needed to evaluate answer. One one hand I struggle with maths, even though over (considerable) amount of time I’ve mastered quite a few skills in a field of advanced mathematical and statistical analysis. I’m quite concise, but again that’s just one side of the coin because I write a lot and still find time for good literature, including quite philosophical and somehow poetic excerpts.

During high school I’ve definitely spent a lot of time sharpening oratory skills leading the school’s representation in Oxford debates. Preparing speeches, presentations and various line of argumentation was just second to how long I’ve spent on programming computers, combination of activities that I took for granted more back then than I probably would these days. I guess that these days I can still appreciate good speech, however I dedicate more time to contemporary art and music, as well as politics.

Mistakenly I tend to come across as someone of somewhat controversial opinions about surrounding environment. I’m a generalist: I prefer to know that there’s a forest, not a lot of trees. For the same reason I tend to quantify and measure exact correlation between facts to project future trends. Since early teens I tend to formulate judgements based on self deducted summaries. Since then I’ve moved onto creatively presented but rigorously conducted statistical analysis of most unusual facts of life, even if recognizing conclusions would stand against most well recognized “common sense” or “best practice”.

I believe that history is there for us to give us hints about the future. History are (involuntary) lessons learned, a fundamental building block intuition for me. I believe in powers of intuition, abilities of making good assumptions that sometimes let you jump the queue and do more much quicker by following trends without analysing the detail. I believe in experience as a foundation of skills of assumption making. I believe in abilities of choosing what to assume and when to analyse. I assume because I believe in trends and try not get distracted by volatility.