Five years ago

What were you doing five years ago? Funny, apparently I was at the Luton airport, equipped with a laptop, extremely enthusiastic about “short” episode of enjoying Brtain, as I preferred to think about it then. First quarter next year, it’s going to be 6 (six!) years since I’ve been back in Poland just as holidaymaker… and counting! Still with vivid memories of the first year in Englad felt like bizzare holiday with so many things to organise from scratch. For that very reason I think relocating represents almost value on its own. Over time however there hasn’t been a month of not thinking about all the new I would be bringing with me on my return. Ever since the moment back then I’ve been hungry of the new, all version 1.0, almost like a complete re-start, yet it felt like I was increasing building completely different type capital by working for so many so different clients. It felt good. It felt like an investment I would be bringing back, but now – years gone by and it feels like all of it would be useless, at least for the next decade or so. Initially I think it felt almost like if the leap was subtle and made in predictable direction, but at the same time so ahead, that it might take a decade or so for any of it being useful back home and that worries me. Recently I’ve read somewhere that there’s almost no culture gap between Polish young-hip-things and anglo-saxon way of things, but even after so many years I find new ways to find how wrong this assumption is.