Hapiness is when there’s nothing to look back at and nothing to look forward to. It’s when you don’t even know which day of week it is until someone reminds you. Hapiness is truly enjoying the fact of now.

I realised I have few beatiful homes, bunch of loyal friends, extremaly beautiful woman by my side, and a very handsome son to look after. Since I hit my 30th birthday I have it all, at least all I ever truly wanted – and more. The very fact of missing the next big thing to chase is the only miss caused by having it all at some point in life. It’s a strange feeling for someone used to chasing dreams for so long, all the sudden not to have anything to chase anymore. Looking deeply into it, since my 30th birthday there’s nothing more to be waiting for, there’s nothing to be build, there’s nothing to disrupt without breaking what already works really well in my life. The emptiness of emptiness to fill in my life is a strange emptiness indeed.