New website project

New service manager is preoccupied with new version of website same way as previous IT Director was during E1 project. New website is not to be underestimated, because the current plans for this project include: building some new parts of the website, including very important parts: a) new web data maintenance application (replacing Wilma and DMC), b) IBuilder application (replacing IS) and a whole lot of other web tools. This explains abandoning of E2 project (aka Fred’s replacement) as the new technology stack would completely supersede existing system. The website project strategy plays key part of strategy to measure and increase customer satisfaction, a major win for the operations and IT departments. Interestingly, development team is largely kept in the dark, as no one is included on the plan. Until this major project is implemented the development team is tasked with just keeping the show on the road and will be just involved in handing over from the current on-site, client/server architecture to web-based service oriented architecture. As every outsourcing book explains, the role of existing development team will be explained as: subject-matter experts before the plan to reduce company dependency on individual SMEs is complete.