The problem with feedback

One needs to be quite careful about sharing ideas and receiving feedback. Sometimes I’m starting to think that some of the ideas, notions or just directions receive negative feedback only to be re-introduced by the very people who are very busy with disapproving those very ideas in the first place.

It’s even more plausible that some of the ideas are so powerful that they create an effect of inception on others, that is: the very nature of how some of the ideas are presented might plant them in the heads of people. This might be happening in a way that might appear to people like if the ideas were their own ones.

Going even further, some people have sufficiently convincing evidence of those ideas not being their own ones, however somewhat are thinking that they’ve re-worked the idea in a way that makes it their own.

Alternatively rejecting someone elses idea and landing on the very same one yourself might be evolutionary. That is: some of the elements of the ideas presented and were rejected in the first place but in fact ended being natural choices or consequences of other ideas. For example: I might receive negative feedback for paid for co-working space, yet year later the same people who criticised the idea wanted to open their own one, after some try and error they ended up charging exactly the amount I’ve quoted in my original proposal.

Still there’s a problem with those very ideas being often criticised or rejected in the first place