This years summary

As December’s coming, right time for annual summary is looming. This year is definitely a double the last year, both on paper and in real flesh.

– The Booking Engine I wanted so badly last year is now done, although after leaving PHH another company had to take it towards finalisation and I’m now certain it was a good move as this year it the system has gone public and has already matched the number of bookings completed! (compared with reliable sources at PHH), and next year it will easily surpass number of bookings, made I’m told. This was supposed to be somewhat unexpected, given that with the new team we had pretty much same objectives for the same market, yet fewer resources and much more ambitious plan ahead.

– TaskBeat has undergone one of the most rapid development periods in its history, practically doubling the rate of change as compared to last year. Although number of customers has not gone up as rapidly, the profitability has been times the last year’s result, at least on paper. This has been an effect of improving the quality across the board: from hosting, through testing, the product specs and most importantly the billing as the new billing system is in place, well ahead of time. The new service is rock solid and the new billing allows us to bill more clients faster, also define more flexible pricing plans.

– Exea has launched a stable cloud service with many SaaS options on board that cannot be matched by any other cloud provider out there. Not to say there’s nothing more to do as this project has just started but there are quite a few clear differentiating factors that warrant my presence in this project. There’s much to conquer and plenty to innovate in the space of cloud these days. There are hundreds of unresolved challenges and new business models to be introduced in due course. As you all know I’m super excited to be part of this project, even though the complexity imposes a great challenge for the team and it’s all new to us in some ways.

– My Son is almost twice as old, he can walk, say names, listen to people, and I think he understands all I’m saying. This is last on my list as few of you know, I can take very little credit for this progress, even if I’m mostly proud of it. By no means it’s an easy project, for many enterpreneurs impossible to have on board along with all the other activities as you may check, but in fact it’s just different in so many ways only parents do know.